Daniel Bryan’s Kind Of A Dick Lately


That’s right, your boy Daniel Bryan, America’s underdog, is kind of an asshole. Just look at the questionable character on full display on Smackdown Live tonight.

The Miz and Maryse came to Smackdown live to celebrate and promote their new reality show. I’d love to rant about how stupid it was that WWE gave them the main event spot to do so, but at least it wasn’t a Bludgeon Brothers match. Anyway, Miz and Maryse proudly walked to the ring with their newborn “baby” and threw to what was supposed to be a wonderful video package to promote what is sure to become an Emmy Award winning program.

Unfortunately the proper video didn’t air. It was a sabotage! Who did it? None other than Daniel “I’m going to steal the spotlight” Bryan.

That was bad, and a tad desperate. What Daniel did next was even worse. With a woman and a “baby” in the ring, Daniel Bryan stormed down the aisle, full of hostility, with rage in his eyes.

Bryan proceeded to assault two security guards (both are hopefully on the phone with their attorney’s) before entering the ring where a scared mother feared for her “child’s” safety.

Thankfully, Maryse’s husband is a shooter, and a thinker. It wasn’t a real baby! Miz had outsmarted simple Daniel again! What happened next? Well, it’s what always happens when Mike Mizanin and Daniel Bryan tangle. It didn’t end well for Daniel (again).


The Miz deserves all the credit in the world for standing up to a bully tonight. A very angry, kinda stupid bully.


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