Small Town Indy Wrestling at its Finest


About a week ago I was at the County Fair (this is how all good stories start) and I took a break from taking my kids on the death machines that the fair passes off as rides. While walking to the bathroom a poster caught my eye. The glorious poster was for East Coast Pro Wrestling (ECPW) and while I had no clue who any of the wrestlers were, I knew it was pro wrestling, and I knew I had to go.

ecpw poster

So there you go, that’s the lineup I signed up for, an let me tell you, it was something else. The show was emotional, and on purpose or not, they told a great story. Glen Post was a major figure within ECPW in Cortland NY. Glen passed away recently, and this show was to honor him. Everyone I talked to had great things to say about him.

The show started with LDC and two people who were close to Glen. I have no idea who a lot of these guys are, because as per usual at an Indy, the sound blew. Anyway, LDC came out and pounded a beer, swore a ton, talked about how much Glen meant to him, and he was going to make Rob Cook bleed.

From the opening promo, until the end of the show, this crowd was lit. Cheering hard for the good guys and booing the heels. There wasn’t a single smark in the building.

Without getting too specific on details, almost everyone on this show was completely terrible bell to bell. It should also be noted that they didn’t have a bell. They figured this out right as the first match was about to start. An older man in the crowd offered to pound his cane on a guardrail, and fuck it, that was good enough.

Most of the matches were clusters with a lot of walk and talk. There was a 4 way for the title and a new champion was crowned. To this moment, I don’t know who it was because the sound was so bad.

Some of this might come off like I didn’t enjoy the show, believe me, I enjoyed the hell out of this show. Here’s some evidence:

So that’s pretty much it. The boys looked like they were backyard performers who wrestled once per month. Does that matter? Nope! The crowd was lit, there was a ton of emotion, and when you boil it all down, I would rather hang out with a bunch of wound up wrestling fans, than a bunch of pretentious smarks any day.


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