2017 WWE Survivor Series Preview


The 2017 WWE Survivor Series takes place in Houston Texas and will feature Brand vs Brand matches from top to bottom. I will start by saying that this card looked like a complete mess only two weeks ago.

WWE called plenty of audibles and got to a card that looks above average on paper. There is plenty of match of the night potential up and down the card. As much as I still don’t like the brand vs brand concept, they have made the most out of it this year.

As for the following predictions; I have no feel for this show. That’s a positive! WWE can go in so many different directions with a show that will lay the groundwork for Wrestlemania 34.

*Kickoff Show* WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto


This match should get a little more time than Enzo and Kalisto typically get on TV. That’s not entirely a positive for the champion. They should be able to do enough with run ins and interference to make this match passable.

Prediction: Enzo

The Bar vs The Uso’s


I’m very excited for this tag match. All four guys can go. The Uso’s have had some really strong PPV matches this year and there is no reason to think adding The Bar to the mix should slow them down.

Prediction: Uso’s

The Miz vs Baron Corbin


Typically, heel vs heel matches aren’t that great. The build on social media between Miz and Corbin should be commended. There is a lot more heat going into this match than I would have predicted when the match was announced.

Prediction: Miz

Shield vs New Day

This is my pick for MOTN. All 6 guys can go. As forgettable as The Shield’s match was on Raw, this feels like their real reunion match. Nothing will be held back in this match since there probably won’t be a rematch.

Prediction: Shield

5 vs 5 Womens Survivor Series Elimination Match


I have no idea where this match will go. Both sides had their moments during the under siege attacks. Asuka needs to be protected. Becky and Alicia have been an MVP’s in the build to the PPV. Sasha needs this one as well.

Prediction: Asuka and Sasha Survive

5 vs 5 Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match


This match is even harder to pick that the women’s match. There are so many stars and story lines leading into this match. The late additions of Cena and Triple H make the match even tougher to figure out. I think this match will be long, entertaining, and way over booked. There is also the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn factor lurking.

Prediction: Triple H is the sole survivor (assist from KO/Zayn)

Women’s Champion vs Champion Match

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte


Charlotte comes into this match with all of the momentum. Winning the title in her home town, and the emotional surprise of her father Ric Flair, coming out to congratulate her was some of the best TV WWE has produced all year. Charlotte finally feels like a babyface and I expect the crowd to be behind her tonight.

Prediction: Charlotte


After a back and forth battle, Carmella’s music hits. I predict that Carmella will cash in the Money In The Bank Briefcase and become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Mens Champion vs Champion Match

AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar


The original match, Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal got over with only the hardest of hardcore Jinder Mahal fans. It felt like the kind of match that nobody asked for, and when it was announced, felt like a match I never wanted to see.

Two weeks ago everything changed when AJ Styles defeated Mahal on Smackdown to win the WWE World Heavyweight title. Now, we are in dream match status for the Survivor Series main event.

Very little build or promos are needed for a match like this. Two major champions in the biggest company in the world, fighting on a major pay per view, sign me up! Add in the history that combined Lesnar and Styles have succeeded and held titles all over the world (IWGP, NWA, TNA, UFC) and this match feels extra special.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar (and the internet weeps)


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