WWE Smackdown Quick Hits October 24, 2017

Fans chanted “welcome back” for Shane McMahon. He has been gone for two weeks…two.

Sami Zayn is so dialed into his heel character. True brilliance what he has pulled off in a short amount of time.

Sami and Kevin Owens volunteering to help Team Smackdown doesn’t make any sense. Logically they shouldn’t want anything to do with being on a team that represents Shane McMahon.

Benjamin and Gable look like a good short term solution. Creative didn’thave anything for Chad Gable and he is too good to waste. The win over New Day helps further establish them as #1 contenders.

It’s impossible to sugar coat how dumb it is to have a match to decide who is the captain of a Survivor Series team.

Fashion Files never fail to entertain. I have no idea where any of this is going and It’s perfect.

Does anyone know what WWE is doing with Baron Corbin? It’s been months of soft booking for a guy who should squash wrestlers like Sin Cara. The post match beatdown didn’t cancel out Corbin struggling with Sin Cara.

AJ Styles is the most over wrestler in the company. Now would be the perfect time to call an audible and put the WWE title on him.

Becky Lynch is the logical captain for Survivor Series. No need to have a match to decide that.

Zayn vs Orton was a good match. The live crowd was completely dead for most of it, and why should they get into it? It is tough to get invested in a match where the story is convoluted, illogical and hard to follow. At least the RKO always gives the fans a reason to pop and hopefully go home happy.

Final Score: Thumbs way down. That show was a very long two hours and the road to Survivor Series feels like a slog at this point.

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