WWE Raw Quick Hits October 23, 2017

Live from Green Bay Wisconsin!

Kurt Angle rolling out the Survivor Series lineup makes me wish they still had the Event Center. 

Some of these Survivor Series matches are going to get tweaked. 
***Note to WWE Creative, keep your hands off Rollins/Ambrose vs Uso’s. That match is gold!

AJ Styles is a mega star. Smackdown should give him back to Raw if they don’t want to do anything with him.

Rollins, Ambrose, and AJ Styles beat Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro. SUPER hot opener! Great way to start the show.
Miz and The Bar are the modern day Four Horsemen. They lose every week and it doesn’t  hurt them one bit.

3 Things

1. Kane is being built perfectly to get fed to Braun. 
2. Very good TV match between Kane and Finn Balor.

3. Finn lost a TV match to a monster heel. He didn’t get burried.

Asuka isn’t quite there yet. All of the pieces are there and the company is behind her. She will be a top female star. 

Alexa Bliss turning “you deserve it” (the worst chant ever) back on the fans was amazing. Great heel work. It looks like the Mickie James feud will continue for a few more weeks.

The Packers are going to lose every remaining game and they’re over in Green Bay like 1998 Steve Austin.

Elias had his Honky Tonk Man moment. He absolutely wrecked Jason Jordan with the guitar.

Paul Heyman can make anything interesting. Even Brock vs Jinder.

Kalisto’s promos are the opposite of Paul Heyman’s.

Alicia Fox vs Bagley vs Sasha Banks killed what was a pretty hot live crowd. The finish was creative because it finally got Fox a big win without hurting Bayley or Sasha. Alicia as Captain for the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team should be fun.

Is Drew Gulak as entertaining to everyone else as he is to me? #PowerPoint

The Cruiserweight 10 man tag was fast and fun. Great high flying action. This division is finally finding its footing. 

Shane invading with the Smackdown roster, is kinda lame. It just felt like part of a segment. No danger or adventure. The segment felt like a bunch of kids “playing NWO” for the night.

Good attention to detail to not have Zayn and Owens out there helping Shane. It will be interesting to see how those two factor into Bragging Rights, I mean Survior Series.


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