My Defense of the 2017 WWE TLC Main Event

The WWE TLC pay per view that featured the WWE wrestling return of Kurt Angle is in the books. Angle was the last minute replacement for Roman Reigns, who was forced off of the show due to illness. Angle joined Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to take on The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus, and Cesaro is a 3 vs 5 TLC handicap match.

Coming out of the show, there are two very opposite opinions about the main event dominating the conversation. One opinion; is that the main event was amazing and what is there not to love about it? The other opinion being; I can’t believe they put this trash on my television.

I’m never going to be here to tell you what to watch and what you’re allowed to enjoy. But if you find yourself completely disgusted with the main event of TLC, I have to ask, what were you expecting? Kurt Angle is 48 years old, and coming off of a very long layoff from wrestling. He was inserted into the hottest angle in the company, at the last minute, replacing the most polarizing wrestler in the company. To make things more difficult, a handicap TLC match, is one of the most dangerous matches possible. A 48 year old broken body cant exactly turn back the clock and be the wrestling machine that made him so popular almost two decades ago.

So with their back’s against the wall, the WWE booked their equivalent of a Summer action movie. It was designed to appeal to the most people possible and tell an over the top good vs evil story. Even with Reigns, the main event was always going to be an overbooked spot-fest that would resemble Hollywood stunts more than it would remind the viewer of Flair vs Steamboat.

The match was loaded with high spots. Some were set up well like the Rollins/Ambrose double flying elbows to Strowman and Kane through the announce tables. Others, like the garbage truck, and Braun’s eventual exit from the match in the back of said garbage truck, were a bit more absurd.

Even with the over the top nature of the match, the majority of it resonated with the live crowd. Fans were extremely hot for Shield/Angle’s entrance, Angle’s signature moves, and the big spots.

How anyone could tune in to watch a 3 vs 5 handicap TLC match, and think it was going to be anything but what a wild “car crash” style match is asking a little too much out of wrestling.

All of this is not to say the match was amazing, or at the very least even good. Is Transformers good? That’s up to the viewer. At least when movie-goers purchase their ticket for Transformers, they know exactly what they’re getting into.


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