WWE TLC 2017 Preview/Predictions

WWE’s annual TLC Pay Per View arrives a little early this year on Sunday October 22. The event takes place at the Target Center in Minneapolis MN and will be broadcast on the WWE Network. The event is headlined by a 3 vs 5 TLC Match between the newly reunited Shield taking on the team of; The Miz, The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro), Braun Strowman, and Kane. The show is very top-heavy with so much star power loaded into the main event.

The Shield reunion has driven Raw for the past month and should deliver a solid gate at the arena. Add in the return of Kane on the final Raw before TLC, and the main event is white hot (pardon the Kane heat pun). With so many main event and upper mid card stars, the rest of the show is left feeling a little barren. The positive that can be yielded, is the chance for WWE to get fresh faces onto a PPV and build new stars.


Sash Banks vs Alicia Fox (Kickoff Show)
The first of 3 Women’s matches on the card will happen on the Kickoff show. It’s a smart move putting Sasha on the Kickoff for any fans watching for free who may be enticed to sign up for the Network. 
My Pick: Sasha wins and moves onto bigger and better things.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick
This hasn’t been the most captivating story but it is good for the Cruiserweight Division to get multiple PPV matches. Although 3/4 of Alexander vs Gallagher on Raw fell flat to the crowd, they did get into the match at the end. It does feel like Swann and Alexander are both slowly getting over each week. This feud will probably continue after the PPV and maybe lead to being part of a Cruiserweight Survivor Series match.
My Pick: Gallagher & Kendrick

Asuka vs Emma
The main story here is Asuka’s main roster debut. After arguably the best NXT run for any wrestler, male or female, Asuka brings her undefeated streak to the Raw Brand. This match feels like it will be a complete showcase for Asuka to show off her character/moves to a larger audience.
My Pick: Asuka in a squash

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Kalisto (C) vs Enzo Amore
Kalisto won the Cruiserweight Title earlier in October defeating Amore in a mjor upset on Raw. Most of the internet has speculated as to why that decision was made (Neville) and I expect the belt to go back to Enzo at TLC. While Kalisto is a great wrestler, his promo on Monday reminded everyone why he can’t be the face of 205 Live.
My Pick: Enzo Amore

The Demon vs Sister Abigail
Nobody knows what this match will be or if it will even happen (Bray Wyatt is rumored to be ill). This match looks to be a 100% chance for a future WrestleCrap induction.
My Pick: We all lose….ok fine, Demon? 

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James
Damn, this one feels like it should have been a ladder match. Either way, it’s nice to see Mickie back in a major title match on a WWE PPV. Some of the age insults (keep in mind she’s younger than John Cena) on Raw hurt this match, because they aren’t necessary and only hinder Mickie as being a credible threat. WWE could have built Mickie up with all of the history of her with the company, and instead went the other way. This match feels like it is a vehicle to add another major win to Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s title run. They could go the nostalgia route and have Mickie pull of the upset, but all of the build up to this match says otherwise. 
My Pick: Alexa Bliss
3 vs 5 TLC Match
The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins) 
The Miz, Braun Stroman, Sheamus, Cesaro, Kane
The match is a big one, and I expect it to deliver huge. There is so much potential for huge spots involving tables, ladders, and chairs. This is a rare opportunity where WWE can be cinematic with a match and not have it come off as cheesy. The Shield are perfect in the super hero role versus the massive evil bad guys. 
he handicap nature of the match works for me, due to how dominant The Shield was during their first run. If the match was just a 6 man tag match, it would scream of predictability. Adding Strowman, and the returning Kane, and there is some serious doubt as to who will prevail. The Shield could come out triumphant, or fall victim to a pure numbers game. 
With the long term plan to keep the Shield together past TLC, I think they will get the win here. There are enough creative ways for the “Hounds of Justice” (man I love that we can say that again) to eliminate the monsters Kane/Braun, before focusing on The Miz.
My Pick: The Shield

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