WWE Smackdown Live 10/17/17: The Sami Zayn Show

Smackdown Live opened with Daniel Bryan coming down to the usual adulation he received every time WWE visits his home State of Washington.
Bryan began his promo, and then the show changed. Sami Zayn’s music hit. Building off of his momentum last week, Zayn mockingly danced his way down the the ring.
Without changing his look, or his music, Sami Zayn has subtly pushed all of the right buttons to fully turn heel. All of Zayn’s mannerisms come off as smug.
Sami arrogantly, made point after point against Daniel Bryan as to why he has changed. He almost crossed the line of being too logical in his promo when Kevin Owens’ music hit. Once Sami’s “Brother” joined him in the ring, the heel turn felt fully complete. In just over one week, Sami Zayn, the ultimate good guy underdog has turned full heel.
Bryan would go on to match-up Owens and Zayn to take on Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event. All four men had a good tag match that sowed many seeds for potential fresh feuds. Zayn would go on to hit Orton with a low blow, followed by a Helluva Kick for the win.
After the match Owens and Zayn celebrated only to find out that Shane McMahon will be returning next week. Let’s hope Shane’s return only furthers Owens/Zayn’s momentum and doesn’t stunt what is shaping up to be very fresh angle. Sami Zayn has been given the ball and he is running with it.

3 Things I Liked:
1. Heel Sami Zayn. 2 weeks ago, I thought there was no way this could work. Not only does it work, it’s amazing. Sami’s ability to be a smart ass jerk is off the charts.
2. The Uso’s have such a great command of their character. They come across as genuine and did again tonight in their promo.
3. The Fashion Files are still hilarious.
3 Things I Didn’t Like:
1. Lana. She can’t wrestle clap, clap, clap clap clap. Every match she’s in hurts all of the other wrestlers. Just let her valet, she’s very good in thay role.
2. Baron Corbin. Why does the US Champion lose all the time? Yes, I know it was a cheap count out, but still. If he’s going to hold the #2 men’s title on the brand, Corbin has to put some wins together and live up to his look/size.
3. Jinder Mahal challenging Brock Lesnar for Survivor Series. All of the rumors are true. A meaningless non title match for the two Major Champions. This is the kind of crossover match nobody was asking for. Ok top of that, it looks like AJ Styles will have to be the place-holder on weekly TV.

The Rest:

  • The Bludgeon Brothers vignettes aren’t doing them any favors.
  • Bobby Roode’s entrances are really long week after week after.
  • This isn’t new, but heels shouldn’t wear pins supporting the charity of the month. Plenty of other ways to get the message across without the “bad guys” supporting good causes.
  • Aiden English is the 2017 version of The Genius, and it’s great.
Final Take: Thumbs in the middle. Zayn and Owens saved what was a very dull show and made it a “push” for me. 

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