WWE Raw 10/16/17: That’s Gotta Be Kane!

Wrestling is always at it’s best when it delivers a good surprise for the fans. Not the kind of swerve that makes fans question why they watch. Instead, the surprise needs to justify why we watch.

Kane’s return on Monday night, just 6 days before the TLC pay per view checked every box that makes a wrestling surprise good.
✔ Nobody saw it coming
✔ It made sense
✔ A legend returned
Check, check, check.
By attacking Roman Reigns, Kane brought back the kind of random mayhem that immediately made him a major player 20 years ago. TLC may only be a one match show, but it’s one hell of a loaded match.

3 Things I Liked:
1. Shield entering through the crowd. It had to happen, and the old school gear made it even better.
2. The Bar/Miz/Strowman. This crew oddly seems very natural together. This is the kind of stable that WWE should run with after the PPV.

3 Things I Didn’t Like:

2.  Jason Jordan needs to go back to NXT for re-packaging. All of the pieces are there, but each week he fails to deliver. They tried, it didn’t work, time to re-group.
3. The Bar consistently losing to title matches to Rollins and Ambrose. The matches are always good, but they’re incredibly predictable. No need to see this match with the PPV coming on Sunday.

The Rest:

  • Cesaro with the mouth-guard is such a “Vince” comedy thing. AFTER everything the guy has done in the ring, a mouth-guard related speech impediment will be what gets him over to his boss.
  • Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann both seem like they’re getting over.
  • Alex Bliss is the most talented female wrestler on either roster.
  • Why do Rollins and Ambrose come out to their individual themes during the Shield Reunion?

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