Smackdown Thoughts (October 3, 2017): The Kevin Owens Show *again*

So, Smackdown Live was pretty terrible this week. Actually, that’s a compliment, it was downright awful. The show dragged on, segment after segment, to the point that I felt bad for anyone who bought a ticket to watch the show live.

Sympathy for a live viewer is a rare emotion for me. I have watched plenty of bad wrestling shows over the years, but I normally just move on to the next week. The reason I felt so bad for WWE fans who purchased a ticket to last night’s Smackdown is because they bought tickets to a wrestling show that featured hardly any wrestling. The few matches that did air, were extremely short, with little consequence.

Anyway, some good stuff did happen, so let’s get into that first.

The Good:

Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon: Throw away the incredibly dumb “falls count anywhere Hell in a Cell” stipulation addition, and this was the best segment of the show. The Owens/Shane feud has escalated each week. The WWE has nailed this one each week. In typical WWE booking, Shane would have finally gotten the upper hand against Owens after weeks of KO torturing him and his family. That was not the case, and once again, Owens battered Shane all over the building. Kevin Owens looks like a stone cold killer heading into the most dangerous match the WWE has to offer.
Side note: Where does Sami Zayn factor into this feud? There’s something here that we will have to wait until Sunday to see it play out.

The Uso’s: This team has it all figured out. The look/promos/attitude. Everything is working for them right now. Their heel promo/characters gives them such an edge. The Uso’s look like two badasses standing next to some cartoon characters. Hopefully they can put this feud to bed by getting the win over The New Day at HIAC on Sunday.

Bobby Roode: He’s certainly over, or at least his entrance is. Bobby Roode took another step in the right direction this week. His match with Mike Kanellis was forgettable, but his post-match promo helped further establish him as a main roster player. Hopefully, Roode’s slower more methodical in ring style can get over with the modern audience that gets bored quickly.

The Bad:

Jinder/Nakamura: This angle feels drawn out to the point that the audience is completely tuned out. The fanbase was primed for Nakamura to win the belt at Summerslam. When that didn’t happen, the fans felt punished, and have simply moved on from caring about this feud. The WWE should end the Jinder Mahal experiment on Sunday and get some of their more jaded fans back on-board for Smackdown Live.

Baron Corbin: He won Money In The Bank earlier this year. He has now lost the briefcase and almost all of his momentum. His loss to Tye Dillinger is incredibly strange. I just have no idea where Corbin is headed in 2017. If he is going to be a top heel challenging for titles, he should crush Tye Dillinger. If they WWE has soured on Corbin, why is he challenging for the US Title against the best in ring wrestler in the company?

Final Thoughts:

  • Rusev is hilarious, and I would have included him in my “Good” segment, if I didn’t have this overwhelming feeling that he’s going to lose at HIAC to Randy Orton again.
  • Natalya & Carmella had a tag match vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch. The match didn’t really advance the story and just felt like a decent TV match.
  • Where the F–K are my Fasion Files?!?! Talk about a bait and switch! I shouldn’t be that upset over a goofy comedy segment but this is 2017 WWE and here we are.

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